What's New for 2018

To review its Digital Publishing Awards program for 2018, the NMAF worked in consultation with a panel of industry professionals. This year’s Advisory Committee members, who provided invaluable guidance to crafting the 3rd annual Digital Publishing Awards, include:


  • Jean-Philippe Cipriani, Director, Digital Content, L'actualité
  • Jude Isabelle, Editor-in-Chief, Hakai Magazine
  • Matt Frehner, Head of Presentation, The Globe and Mail
  • Kenny Yum, Chief of Staff, CBC News


  • The top overall prize—General Excellence in Digital Publishing—will be presented in three divisions, for small, medium and large publications.
  • One of the Best News Coverage categories will be exclusively open to small publications.
  • The awards for Best Service Feature, rewarding excellence in service journalism, have been reviewed to include the following three categories:


-Careers and Personal Finances; and

-Family and Health.

  • The Best Podcast category has been expanded and renamed Best Podcast and Audio Storytelling to include audio stories.
  • Three new categories have been added to the program:


-Best Science and Technology Story; and

-Best Photo Storytelling.


For a complete list of awards categories, rules and judging procedures, visit digitalpublishingawards.ca.