How to be a Juror

The National Media Awards Foundation is now welcoming applications for judges for the 2022 Digital Publishing Awards.

We welcome applications from people who bring different perspectives to the judging process—from established industry leaders to celebrated emerging talents. We are also committed to addressing systemic racism and structural biases in Canadian media by ensuring that our judging panels are reflective of Canada’s cultural diversity.

Candidates interested in adjudicating for the NMAF should fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Internationally renowned journalist, editor, designer or other expert with an interest in supporting the NMAF fulfill its mission;
  • Editor, art director, publisher, web editor or other staff member (past or present) of a Canadian magazine, whether or not your publication participates in the National Magazine Awards, Digital Publishing Awards, or National Magazine Awards: B2B;
  • Freelance or staff writer, illustrator, photographer or digital creator, where a significant portion of your work is in Canadian publications (especially if you have been nominated for or won a National Magazine Award, Digital Publishing Award, or National Magazine Award: B2B yourself);
  • Journalist (print, broadcast, digital) with expertise in a particular field represented by one or more NMA, DPA, or NMA: B2B categories (such as photojournalism, service, arts & culture, fiction, poetry, etc);
  • Academic or industry leader with expertise in a particular field;
  • Professionals and leaders from related cultural sectors, including the visual arts (film and television), the literary arts (book writing & publishing) and the performing arts (theatre, music);
  • Bilingual: Not all of our judges need to be bilingual, but all awards juries will have at least one bilingual member.

The time commitment is dependent on the number of entries we receive, and judges are only assigned to a category once the call for entries closes. During category assignments, we take into consideration one’s preference, experience, availability, and potential conflicts of interest. 

The judging process—which is completed remotely—takes place during February and March. If you are interested in being a juror, please fill out the form on our website and someone on the NMAF staff will get back to you.