Who is eligible to submit?

Any Canadian digital publication and digital creator. Review the Rules for details.

What are the categories?

There are twenty-four Digital Publishing Awards categories, including for design, editorial packaging, blogs, long and short features, videos, audio storytelling, photo storytelling, social storytelling, new initiatives, and the best overall digital publication.

What do I need to submit?

For each submission you’ll need the names and email addresses of your creators, the URLs or other entry points to the content to be judged, a PDF or JPG screen-shot of your entry for nominations, and your entry fee. When registering, all submitters must provide a brief statement of editorial mandate for their publication. For some categories, entrants must also submit an introductory note providing context for the submission.

What are the benefits?

  • $500 cash prizes for all individual gold winners;
  • Awards certificates for all finalists and winners;
  • Awards seals for all finalists and winners;
  • National publicity and promotion for all finalists and winners;
  • Interviews, networking sessions, best-practices guides and other engagements between winners and their peers in the Canadian digital publishing industry.

How does judging work?

Read all about our judging process for the Digital Publishing Awards. And if you’d like to nominate someone to be a judge, please get in touch.

When is the deadline?

February 2, 2018. (Enter by the early-bird deadline of January 19 for discounted fees.)

How much does it cost to enter?

Just $100 per entry at the early-bird rate. 

Les publications francophones sont-elles admissibles au concours?

Oui, le programme des Prix DPA est bilingue. Les jurys seront composés d’individus francophones et anglophones.

How can I support the DPAs?

Sponsors and suppliers, please contact Managing Director Barbara Gould to find out more about supporting the DPAs.

When are the awards?

The winners will be announced at the 3rd Annual Digital Publishing Awards Soiree in Toronto. Stay tuned for official dates.

Who are the DPAs?

The DPAs are managed by the non-profit NMAF and guided by a steering committee composed of industry leaders. To become involved with the Foundation or the DPAs, or to request more information, please contact us at info@digitalpublishingawards.ca