Meet the Creator of the 2021 DPA Design—Natalie Vineberg!

Are you loving this year’s Digital Publishing Awards design? It’s all thanks to the talented Natalie Vineberg! Natalie was a 2019 Emerging Excellence nominee and was part of The Walrus team that won Gold for Best Digital Editorial Package in 2019. Currently, she works as a designer at The Walrus. Here’s what Natalie has to say about her #DPA21 design, the versatility of her work, and more. 

Just a few years ago, you were part of the team which helped The Walrus win it’s first digital award. Now, in addition to being a designer for The Walrus, you’ve created this year’s DPA design. Were you excited to return to the DPA’s in this new role?

Yes! I’m very grateful for the dedication to valuing digital work at the DPAs, and I love seeing the work from other teams and getting to celebrate that.

Can you tell us about your inspiration for this year’s design?

Given that our whole world has basically gone digital, I wanted to keep some of the sparkle and fun of being at the DPAs in person. The awards are also a great opportunity to look back at everything you’ve accomplished that year, and that’s what I wanted to get at with those windows into people working.

There’s such a wide depth to your work. You’re an illustrator, photographer, art director, and designer. You film and create motion graphics for video. You create print and digital stories, web series, and podcast art. Do you believe it’s important for creators to have this versatility?

I think it’s valuable to find work you find interesting and challenging and that gets you excited. For me and my personality, that’s doing a lot of different things, but I also think digging really deep and becoming an expert in something is awesome.

What do you enjoy the most about being a designer?

I love that you can find design everywhere. It’s what our website and magazine look like but also how you use them. It’s how you navigate a city or make a house feel cozy. There’s always something new to be inspired by.

Thank you, Natalie! Check out samples of her work at

If you’ve created some amazing work of your own this year—a podcast, a digital design, or even a virtual event—consider entering it in the 2021 Digital Publishing Awards. The early bird rate is in effect until January 22, 2021, and the final submissions deadline is January 29, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST. The deadline to nominate an individual for the Emerging Excellence Award or the Digital Publishing Leadership Award is March 2, 2021. We look forward to receiving your best work from 2020! 

Call for Entries: 6th Annual Digital Publishing Awards

Submissions for the 6th annual Digital Publishing Awards are now open! Canadian creators and publishers are eligible to submit digitally published content across 25 categories this year, including one new category—Best Virtual Event. Gold winners in individual creator categories will receive a $500 cash prize.

In a change for 2021, the National Media Awards Foundation encourages National Magazine Awards and National Magazine Awards: B2B participants, in addition to Digital Publishing Awards participants, to submit to their work to the following categories:

  • Best Virtual Event
  • Best Editorial Newsletter
  • Best Podcast: News and Politics
  • Best Podcast: Arts and Culture
  • Best Online Video: Short
  • Best Online Video: Feature
  • Best Online Video: Mini Doc.

For this cross-programming initiative, all entries will be evaluated by a single panel of judges, and winners will be announced across all three programs. For more information, please see our rules.

Freelancer Support Fund 

Our Freelancer Support Fund allows independent writers, designers, videographers, podcasters, photographers and illustrators to buy one entry and get one free. Please note that the Fund applies only to individual creator categories, which come with a cash prize of $500 for Gold winners.

Rules and Judging

Prior to submitting entries, please take a moment to review DPA Rules. Canadian digital publishers—including those that support established brands in consumer & B2B magazines, newspapers, broadcast and other journalism, as well as those that serve their audiences exclusively as digital brands—are eligible to participate in the DPAs.

Interested in reviewing judging procedures? Learn more about our DPA Judging Process here.

Submissions and Deadlines

The DPA submissions process is completely digital—visit TK to enter. To save on entry fees, get your entries in by the early bird deadline of January 22, 2021. The final deadline for submissions is January 29, 2021 at midnight EST.

The deadline to nominate someone for the Emerging Excellence Award or the Digital Publishing Leadership Award is March 2, 2021. (Submissions made from January 30 onward should be emailed to

To keep up with what’s going on, follow the Digital Publishing Awards on Twitter and Facebook.

Ready to Submit?

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Categories Announced for the 6th Annual Digital Publishing Awards

The National Media Awards Foundation is pleased to announce the lineup of categories for the 2021 Digital Publishing Awards. Our program for 2021 features 24 categories, including expanding the Best Podcast award into two separate categories and introducing a new category, Best Virtual Event, to better reflect the content being produced by the industry.

We’re also pleased to introduce a new, cross-programming initiative. For the categories highlighted below, we welcome the work of National Magazine Awards and National Magazine Awards: B2B participants, in addition to Digital Publishing Awards participants. Entries in each category will be evaluated by a single panel of judges, and winners will be announced across all three programs. Here’s the full lineup:

  1. Best Digital Editorial Package
  2. Best Column
  3. Best News Coverage (Community Publication)
  4. Best News Coverage
  5. Best Feature Article
  6. Best Feature Article: Short
  7. Best Feature Article: Long
  8. Best Personal Essay
  9. Best Arts & Culture Storytelling
  10. Best Science & Technology Storytelling
  11. Best Service Feature
  12. Best Online Video: Short
  13. Best Online Video: Feature
  14. Best Online Video: Mini-Doc
  15. Best Podcast: News & Politics
  16. Best Podcast: Arts & Culture
  17. Best Digital Design
  18. Best Photo Storytelling
  19. Best Social Storytelling
  20. Best Editorial Newsletter
  21. Innovation in Digital Storytelling
  22. Best Virtual Event
  23. Emerging Excellence Award
  24. Digital Publishing Leadership Award
  25. General Excellence in Digital Publishing: Small, Medium, and Large Publications

If you’re interested in submitting to the 2021 DPAs, please note that the call for entries opens on December 22, 2020 and closes on January 29, 2021. To save on fees, get your entries in by the early bird deadline of January 22, 2021.

Our Freelancer Support Fund will be available once again this year, ensuring that the Digital Publishing Awards recognize the best work from a broad range of Canadian creators.

Call for Judges: 6th Annual Digital Publishing Awards

The National Media Awards Foundation is now welcoming applications for judges for the Digital Publishing Awards,  National Magazine Awards, and National Magazine Awards: B2B.

Ideal candidates should fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Internationally renowned journalist, editor, designer or other expert with an interest in supporting the NMAF fulfill its mission;
  • Editor, art director, publisher, web editor or other staff member (past or present) of a Canadian magazine, whether or not your publication participates in the National Magazine Awards, Digital Publishing Awards, or National Magazine Awards: B2B;
  • Freelance or staff writer, illustrator, photographer or digital creator, where a significant portion of your work is in Canadian publications (especially if you have been nominated for or won a National Magazine Award, Digital Publishing Award, or National Magazine Award: B2B yourself);
  • Journalist (print, broadcast, digital) with expertise in a particular field represented by one or more NMA, DPA, or NMA: B2B categories (such as photojournalism, service, arts & culture, fiction, poetry, etc);
  • Academic or industry leader with expertise in a particular field;
  • Professionals and leaders from related cultural sectors, including the visual arts (film and television), the literary arts (book writing & publishing) and the performing arts (theatre, music);
  • Bilingual: Not all of our judges need be bilingual, but all awards juries will have at least one bilingual member.

We welcome applications from individuals who bring different industry perspectives – from recognized leaders to celebrated emerging talents. We also aim for the judging panels to reflect our country’s diverse Indigenous, cultural, and regional communities.

Judging will take place during February and March 2021. For more information, or to nominate a peer to the jury, contact us at

Applicants, please include in your email: a short biography of yourself, a headshot, your preferred category (if any), what languages you are comfortable judging in (English, French or both), your contact information, and whether or not you are currently on the masthead of a publication.

Live Blog at 4pm ET: Presenting the 5th Annual Digital Publishing Awards


The day has arrived! At 4pm ET, the winners of the 2020 Digital Publishing Awards will be unveiled in a livestream digital presentation on and you can follow along here on

Be sure to keep refreshing this page to see live updates starting from 4pm ET. We are looking forward to sharing all the exciting news with you, your friends and colleagues.

If you’re hosting a watch party with Zoom or other video conferencing tools, or you’re a DPA winner, we want to hear from you!

Send us your photos, videos or speeches by email at or tag us on Twitter @DPAwards or on Facebook @DPAwards. We will share your tweets, posts and videos here on our live blog and on our social media channels.

[5:20pm] That concludes our Winners Celebration! Thank you to everyone for joining us and a huge congratulations to the outstanding winners and finalists of the 2020 Digital Publishing Awards!

See the complete list of winners, including honourable mentions, at

[5:16] Closing out the #DPA20 Winners Celebration, the nominees and winners of General Excellence: Large Publication…

[5:13] Now presenting General Excellence: Medium Publication…

[5:09pm] We’re down to the final award! General Excellence is split into 3 divisions honouring publications that live up to their editorial mandate, meet high journalistic standards, and serve their intended audience by taking full advantage of the opportunities digital mediums offer.

First up, let’s see who takes home the gold in the small publication division…

[5:05pm] Let’s take a look at Innovation in Digital Storytelling…

[5:00pm] Check out this excellent work nominated in Best Digital Design…

[4:58pm] Next up, Best Podcast…

[4:55] We have a tie for gold in Best Editorial Newsletter!

Love this, thank you for sharing!

[4:50pm] Now onto Best Social Storytelling… let’s see who takes home the gold…

[4:48pm] The next award recognizes outstanding use of photography to tell a story, including photojournalism, photo essay, photo galleries, conceptual photography and photo-illustration. Now revealing the #DPA20 winners in Best Photo Storytelling…

[4:46pm] Best Online Mini-Doc is next, check out these outstanding nominees and winners…

Let’s hear from the winners!

[4:42pm] Let’s take a look at Best Online Video: Feature…

[4:40pm] Now presenting Best Online Video: Short

[4:36pm] Next up is Best Science & Technology Storytelling…

[4:34pm] Best Arts & Culture Storytelling honours go to…

[4:30pm] Let’s take a look at the Best Service Feature nominees and winners!

[4:26pm] Next up is Best Personal Essay – be sure to bookmark these great reads!

[4:24pm] Let’s take a look at the nominees and winners in Best Feature Article: Long…

[4:22pm] Best Feature Article coming up…

The #DPA20 gold in Best Feature Article goes to “How the RCMP found Canada’s most wanted fugitives with a raven, a Cree trapper and luck” by @RenataDAliesio and @MelTait of the @globeandmail. Congratulations!

Read this award-winning piece here.

[4:20pm] Now presenting Best Feature Article: Short

[4:15pm] Let’s see who the #DPA20 Best Column gold medal goes to…

[4:12pm] Best News Coverage: Community Publication is announced!

Congrats to @XtraMagazine – gold winners in #DPA20 Best News Coverage: Community Publication for “Rainbow Votes 2019: LGBTQ2S Issues and the Canadian Federal Election”. Congrats @EricaLenti@rachelagiese and team! Read the award-winning coverage here.

We love hearing from the winning team – big congrats!

[4:10pm] Let’s see who takes home Best News Coverage…

[4:05pm] Best Digital Editorial Package is presented!

Check out the award-winning piece here:

[4:02pm] The #DPA20 Emerging Excellence Award goes to @JaneLytv of @BuzzfeedNews. Establishing herself as a global leader in debunking disinformation along with her vision and leadership skills impressed our jury. Congrats, Jane! Explore Jane’s work here:

Congratulations, Jane!

[4:00pm] And we’re off! The 5th Annual Digital Publishing Awards open with words from our 2020 Digital Publishing Leadership award winner, Dmitry Beniaminov.

This award is generously sponsored by the Reader’s Digest Foundation @ReadersDigestCA, a charity dedicated to the development of Canadian journalism, and supporting journalists and creators. Thank you!