Announcing the 2019 DPA Nominees

The National Media Awards Foundation (NMAF) is thrilled to present the 2019 Digital Publishing Awards nominees. The DPAs—now in their fourth year—recognize and promote the excellent work of Canadian digital publications and creators.


For 2019, 118 submissions, from 50 various publications, have been nominated. These nominations are the result of a collaborative and rigorous judging process, made possible by our dedicated roster of 80 volunteer judges.

“The Digital Publishing Awards program was launched four years ago, and since, the number of participating publications has more than doubled. An impressive total of 127 publications submitted entries in 2019. It is thrilling to see the enthusiasm for these awards, and exciting to witness the outstanding work of Canadian creators being celebrated by their peers. The NMAF is immensely proud to present the 4th annual DPAs, and look forward to welcoming you all at the Awards Soirée on May 29.” – Julie Cailliau, NMAF President.

On May 29th, the Gold, Silver, and Honourable Mention winners will be revealed at the Soiree, with Gold winners in select categories receiving a $500 cash prize. The Soiree will be held in Toronto at One King West and hosted by award-winning journalist and editor Eternity Martis. Purchase a ticket through to join us for the celebration.


The emerging excellence award—which honours an individual whose early work in Canadian digital publishing demonstrates the utmost degree of craft and promise—nominees for 2019 are: Sofia Misenheimer of Art/iculation, Natalie Vineberg of The Walrus, and Erin Valois of the National Post.


The General Excellence awards recognize the publications that maximize the possibilities of digital publishing; these are the publications that succeed in fulfilling their editorial mandate and represent the highest of journalistic standards. These awards are presented in three divisions: small, medium, and large.

The Logic, The Sprawl, and are finalists in the small division.

Hakai Magazine, The Kit, and Maclean’s are finalists in the medium division.

In the large division, CBC News and Le Devoir are the nominees.


A number of publications are first time DPA nominees, including: Art/iculation, BBC News, Ha-Shilth-Sa,, Magazine web 100 degrés, Mic Drop, Moneysense, National Post, Calgary Herald, Pastime, Peterborough Currents, QUB radio, Report on Business, Saskatoon StarPhoenix/Regina Leader-Post, SooToday, The Logic, The Narwhal,, and / Markham Economist Sun.


For 2019, the top nominated publications are CBC News with 18 nominations across various divisions, and The Globe and Mail with 16 nominations.

Hakai earned an impressive 6 nominations, while Maclean’s and Radio-Canada each earned five nominations. Other top-nominated publications include:

Global News4
VICE Canada4
Le Devoir3
The Narwhal3
The Walrus3
VICE Québec3


“Hustle in the oil patch: Inside a looming financial and environmental crisis” by Jeff Lewis, Jeffrey Jones, Chen Wang, Renata D’Aliesio, Christopher Manza, Matthew French, John Sopinski, Murat Yükselir, Melissa Tait, Todd Korol, Brennan Higginbotham, and Theresa Suzuki (published in The Globe and Mail) is a finalist in both Best News Coverage and Best Digital Editorial Package.

Air Canada enRoute’s “Canada’s Best News Restaurants” guide is nominated for the fourth year in a row for Best Digital Editorial Package. The guide is also a nominee in the Best Online Video: Short category.

“Follow the Money”—a product of collaboration between the National Post and Calgary Herald teams and led by Zane Schwartz, Brice Hall, and Julie Traves—is nominated for Innovation in Digital Storytelling and Best News Coverage.


The NMAF is delighted to present Kathy Vey, TVO’s Executive Producer of Digital, with the prestigious 2019 Digital Publishing Leadership Award. Vey’s 37-year career in Canadian journalism spans pivotal roles at media outlets including the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Sun, Queen’s Park Briefing, OpenFile, and


Best News Coverage

Toronto Van Attack
William Wolfe-Wylie, Dwight Friesen, Richard Grasley, Hannah Wise, Sannah Choi, Kate Cornick, Farrah Merali, Andre Mayer, Paul Borkwood, David Donnelly, Albert Leung, Martin Trainor, Diana Swain, Ioanna Roumeliotis, Melissa Mancini, and the CBC Toronto digital team
CBC Toronto/CBC News

Fentanyl: Making a killing
Sam Cooper, Andrew Russell, Stewart Bell, Brent Rose, Carolyn Jarvis, Ben Jonah,  James Armstrong, Online Video team, Network News Desk, Global News Graphics Department, Global News Copy Desk, Global News Social Desk
Global News

Campagne électorale québécoise 2018
La rédaction
Le Devoir

Follow the Money
Zane Schwartz, Brice Hall, Julie Traves

Hustle in the oil patch: Inside a looming financial and environmental crisis
Jeff Lewis, Jeffrey Jones, Chen Wang, Renata D’Aliesio, Christopher Manza, Matthew French, John Sopinski, Murat Yükselir, Melissa Tait, Todd Korol, Brennan Higginbotham, Theresa Suzuki
The Globe and Mail

Best News Coverage (Small Newsroom)

Who was Maggie Sutlej? Humanitarian aid group reaches out to Ahousaht 150 years after wartime abduction of child
Denise Titian

Réimaginer nos aménagements
Marianne Boire, François Grenier, Françoise Ruby
Magazine web 100 degrés

2018 Sault Ste. Marie Municipal Election Coverage
David Helwig

Bankruptcy protection for Sault’s main employer sparks fight over port
David Helwig

The Yellow Brick Road to Mount Everest
Sarah Staples, Richard Vandentillaart / Markham Economist Sun

Best Personal Essay

The Waiting Room
Christian Allaire

The Agony of Intimacy
Chelsea Murray

A Body Like a Home
Gwen Benaway

What are land acknowledgements and why do they matter?
Selena Mills, Kat Tancock, Stacy Lee Kon, Chief Lady Bird

I tried to live according to Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. Here’s what happened
Jessica Leeder, Winnie T. Frick, Bryan Gee, Lisan Jutras
National Post

A dad’s discovery: Raising a child is thankless work
Tim Kiladze, Lisan Jutras
The Globe and Mail

A Dog’s Life
Shawna Richer, Deb Baic
The Globe and Mail

I wanted an abortion in Nova Scotia, but all around, barriers still remained
Jessica Leeder, Winnie T. Frick, Bryan Gee, Lisan Jutras
The Globe and Mail

Mon manège à moi
Anick Lemay

How to Have “the Talk” as a Muslim Father
Yasir Khan, Lauren McKeon, Samia Madwar
The Walrus

Best Column

Peter Knegt
CBC Arts

Valérie Borde

Anne Kingston, columns
Anne Kingston
Maclean’s magazine

Jennifer Ditchburn columns
Jennifer Ditchburn
Policy Options

Dorothy Woodend, culture columnist
Dorothy Woodend
The Tyee

Chantal Braganza
Chantal Braganza, Sarah Sweet

Best Feature Article: Short

The Water Carriers
Alannah Campbell, Karen Levine, Pauline Holdsworth, Ruby Buiza, Andre Mayer, Lakshine Sathiyanathan
CBC Radio – The Sunday Edition

“My whole life taken away”: Ontario father questions why 24-year-old wife died post-childbirth
Arti Patel, Caryn Lieberman, Beatrice Politi, James Armstrong, Sarah Kelsey, Peter Hadzipetros
Global News

In rural New Brunswick, a transgender woman charts a new path
Lindsay Jones, Matt Brown, Timothy Moore, Scott Munn
The Globe and Mail

The lost summer
Sharon J. Riley, Emma Gilchrist, Carol Linnitt
The Narwhal

Et si on jetait les camions dans le fleuve ?
Rémy Bourdillon

Best Digital Editorial Package

Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2018
Gabrielle Simpson, Stephanie Mercier-Voyer, Yvonne Miou, Stefanie Sosiak, Danielle Groen, Sarah Musgrave, Nancy Matsumoto
Air Canada enRoute

Sophie Gray, Alexander Kim, Emma Loy, Holly McKenzie-Sutter, Alexander Migdal, Sharon Nadeem, Andrew Seal, Aryn Strickland, Peter Klein, Kathryn Gretsinger, Saranaz Barforoush, Dan McKinney, Britney Dennison, Andrew Munroe, Zak Vescera, David Murawsky, Amanda De Souza, Paul Trundle, Andrew Yates, Andree Lau, Louise Roug
International Reporting Program and HuffPost Canada

Lines of Fire
Leader-Post Team/StarPhoenix Team
Saskatoon StarPhoenix/Regina Leader-Post

Hustle in the oil patch
Jeff Lewis, Jeffrey Jones, Renata D’Aliesio, Chen Wang, Melissa Tait, Christopher Manza, Matt French, John Sopinski, Todd Korol, Brennan Higginbotham
The Globe and Mail

Sex Ed: Beyond the Classroom
Lauren McKeon, Natalie Vineberg, Judy Ziyi Gu, Viviane Fairbank, Samia Madwar, Angela Misri, Dmitry Beniaminov, Sharon Nadeem, Jackson Weaver, Tajja Isen, Danielle Kinahan, Sebastian Leck, Amy van den Berg, Daina Goldfinger, Allison Baker, Sydney Hamilton, Seila Rizvic, Daniel Viola, Erin Sylvester, Anna Fitzpatrick, Lauren Vogel, Erica Lenti, Yasir Khan, Lindsay Nixon, Sue Carter, Eliza Robertson, Anubha Momin, Kate Sloan
The Walrus

Best Feature Article: Long

Jo Aubin
Shannon Proudfoot
Maclean’s magazine

Croisière, bikinis et cocaïne
Julie Dufresne, Luc Tremblay, Chantal Cauchy, Gaétan Poulio, Éric Larouche, André Guimaraes, Santiago Salcido, Sophie Leclerc

Homeland (Parts 1 & 2)
Matthew Halliday, Chelsea Murray
The Deep

Murder on the Prairies
Jana Pruden, Laura Blenkinsop, Danielle Webb, Chris Manza, Victor Dwyer
The Globe and Mail

The Road
Stephanie Nolen, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Laura Blenkinsop, Christopher Manza, Angela Murphy, Rachel Wine
The Globe and Mail


The Shadows
Kaitlin Prest, CBC Podcasts, Phoebe Wang, Sharon Mashihi, Shani Aviram, Yasmine Mathurin, Olivia Pasquarelli, Adriana Komura, Marina Lee Koslock
CBC Podcasts

The Stunt
Michael LaPointe

Best Service Feature

Back to the land
Andre Mayer, Dave Pizer, Evan Mitsui
CBC News

As a person of colour, it’s a struggle to find therapists who look like you
Arti Patel, Sarah Kelsey, Lina Toyoda
Global News

Hidden Canada
The Globe and Mail, Maryam Siddiqi, Christopher Manza, Rachel Wine, Benjamin MacDonald, Alanna Cavangh
The Globe and Mail

Best Science and Technology Storytelling

Apps Installed On Millions Of Android Phones Tracked User Behavior To Execute A Multimillion-Dollar Ad Fraud Scheme
Craig Silverman
BuzzFeed Canada

The million-dollar drug
Kelly Crowe, Dave Pizer, Craig Chivers
CBC News

The Cavernous World under the Woods
Bruce Grierson, Jude Isabella
Hakai Magazine

The Noose Beneath the Waves
Sasha Chapman, Shanna Baker
Hakai Magazine

The Trees That Sail to Sea
Brian Payton, Jude Isabella
Hakai Magazine

Rio’s Killer Apps
Stephanie Nolen, Rhian John-Hankinson, Jeremy Agius, Laura Blenkinsop, Elisangela Mendonca, Patrick Dell, Angela Murphy, Affan Chowdhry, Rasha Mourtada
The Globe and Mail

Follow the Water: Hidden Cost of a B.C. Town’s Water
Joanne Pearce, Alfred Hermida, Hans Schreier
UBC School of Journalism

Best Online Video: Short

Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2018: Elena
Martin Laporte, Nik Mirus, Marine Créquer, Stefanie Sosiak, Danielle Groen, L’Éloi
Air Canada enRoute

The truth about SugarBearHair vitamins
Roxanna Woloshyn, Anne MacRae, Charlsie Agro, Stephanie Dudley, Dave MacIntosh
CBC News

Ben Shannon, Danielle d’Entremont, Jeff Goodes, Bria John, Olsy Sorokina, Dawna Dingwall
CBC Radio – White Coat, Black Art

How can I afford a home?
Prajakta Dhopade, Micah Bond, Yan Rosa, Elizabeth Palmieri

L’histoire de la paille
Djavan Habel-Thurton, Francis Lamontagne, Mélanie Julien, Eric Larouche, Martine Roy

Mums who scrum
Melissa Tait
The Globe and Mail

Best Arts & Culture Storytelling

The Sexy Sadness Of Sufjan Stevens
Scaachi Koul
BuzzFeed Canada

The Oracle of Oyster River
Brian Payton
Hakai Magazine

Alex Janvier’s colourful life  
Marty Klinkenberg, Amber Bracken
The Globe and Mail

The Magnetism of Sadness and Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison
Josh Visser
VICE Canada

Comment faire son chemin, quand on est trans et actrice
Justine de l’Église
VICE (Quebec)

Best Online Video: Feature

A day in the life of Raptors Photographer — Ron Turenne
David Zelikovitz, Donnovan Bennett

Hockey is for Everyone: Jessica Platt
Donnovan Bennett, David Zelikovitz

We the North Grandma
Donnovan Bennett, Graham Runciman, Maggie Naylor, Scott SimpsonSportsnet

In rural New Brunswick, a transgender woman charts a new path
Scott Munn, Lindsay Jones, Matt Brown, Michael Belyea, Timothy Moore
The Globe and Mail

The caribou guardians
Sarah Cox, Jayce Hawkins, Emma Gilchrist, Carol Linnitt
The Narwhal

Les sites de rencontre vus par une artiste trans
Brigitte Noël, Catherine Marineau-Dufresne, Jean-Pierre Bastien, Matt Joycey, Steve Martella
VICE (Québec)

What I didn’t learn in Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum
Corey Misquita, Riley Sparks

Best Online Video: Mini-Doc

Canada’s peacekeeping mission in Mali: Who’s fighting and why
Krista Hessey

Coal Valley: The story of B.C.’s quiet water contamination crisis
Carol Linnitt, Jayce Hawkins, Emma Gilchrist
The Narwhal

Fear and Loading: Meet the NRA’s Most Wanted Customer
Sofi Langis, Manisha Krishnan, Spencer Chumbley, Danny Patterson, Taylor Rivers, Heidi Besner
VICE Canada

Is this the next Standing Rock?
Hilary Beaumont, Alex Craig, Taylor Rivers, Heidi Besner, Rebecca LaFortune, Michelle Latimer, Alex Craig, Jessica Ford, Natalie Alcoba, Tania Natscheff, Josh Marr
VICE News Canada

Souldia : à double tranchant
Simon Coutu, Jean-Pierre Bastien, Zacharie Fay, David Valiquette, William Gignac, Maude M. Ouellet
VICE (Québec)

Where have all the spaces for queer women in Toronto gone?Corey Misquita, Riley Sparks, Lulu Wei, Eric Wright

Best Podcast

Front Burner
Jayme Poisson, Chris Berube, Elaine Chau, Shannon Higgins, Derek Vanderwyk, Nick McCabe-Lokos
CBC News

Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo
Connie Walker, Marnie Luke, Jennifer Fowler, Mieke Anderson, Heather Evans
CBC News

Love Me
Mira Burt-Wintonick, Cristal Duhaime, Sarah Geis
CBC Podcasts

Uncover: Escaping NXIVM
Josh Bloch, Kathleen Goldhar, Anita Elash, Heather Evans, Mieke Anderson
CBC Podcasts

CBC Mic Drop
Shari Okeke, Carrie Haber, Cristal Duhaime, Jess Shane
Mic Drop

Peterborough Currents
Ayesha Barmania, Will Pearson
Peterborough Currents

En 5 minutes
Charles Trahan, Baptiste Zapirain, Benjamin Bourque, Hélène Laurin, Frédéric Guindon
QUB radio

Rap carcéral
Simon Coutu, Alain Loiselle, Dice B, Laurent K. Blais
Radio-Canada Première (produit par VICE)

Best Digital Design

Universités : payer plus pour avoir moins?
Naël Shiab, Santiago Salcido

On a redessiné le Québec
Marc Lajoie, Melanie Julien, Mélanie Meloche-Holubowski, Santiago Salcido, Martine Roy

Toronto Star’s Featured Projects Portfolio
Fadi Yaacoub, Cameron Tulk, David Schnitman, Nathan Pilla, Tania Pereira
The Toronto Star

Best Photo Storytelling

Black in Canada: 10 stories
Jalani Morgan, Robin Levinson King, Jessica MurphyBBC News – Canada bureau

Us Too
Geneviève Caron, Lindsay Siu, Tavia Grant, Dawn Calleja, Clare Vander Meersch, Jeremy Agius
Report on Business magazine

Living in limbo
Renaud Philippe, Jeremy Agius, Matt French, Theresa Suzuki, Patrick Dell, Michelle Zilio, Carol Toller, Carine Abouseif, Tu Thanh Ha
The Globe and Mail

Proms from coast to coast
Ming Wong, Jeremy Agius, Theresa Suzuki, Melissa Tait, Jackie Dives, Darren Calabrese, Todd Korol, Caroline Alphonso
The Globe and Mail

Best Social Storytelling

As It Happens 50th anniversary animations
Ben Shannon, Kate Swoger, Sheena Goodyear
CBC Radio – As It Happens

Escaping NXIVM
Megan Griffith-Greene, Charles Fogel, Anne MacRae, Micheline Parent, Irene Thomaidis, Evan Aagaard, Josh Bloch
CBC News

Farah Nasser, Erica Vella, Ben Jonah, Eric Mark Do, Dean Hayashi, Mike Lapalme, Chris MacDougall, Trevor Owens, Lacy Atalick, Michael Hutchinson, Samantha Turchan, Nida Omar, Jessica Maxwell, Drew Hasselback, Shauna Rempel, Simon Osler, Brian McKechnie, Mackay Taggart
Global News

Pay equity social sells
Elizabeth Palmieri, Jason Kirby, and Scott Simpson

Weed did it.
Sasha Kalra, Daman Lamba, Jill Krajewski, Laura Lloyd, Kate McKerroll, Tyler Hughes, Victoria Pandeirada
VICE Canada

Best Editorial Newsletter

What on Earth?
Emily Chung, Andre Mayer, Nicole Mortillaro
CBC News

Hakai Magazine Weekly Newsletter
Adrienne Mason, Raina Delisle, David Garrison, Mark Garrison, Josh Silberg
Hakai Magazine

Le courrier électoral
Geneviève Tremblay, Stéphane Baillargeon, Cédric Gagnon, Jean-Philippe Corbeil, Simon Poirier
Le Devoir

Pastime, Season One
Nathaniel Basen, Adam Anshan, Cody Gault, Paul Thompson, Colin McGowan, Sam Riches, Josh Tucker, Mike Piellucci, Sarah Brown, Glenn Harvey, Kyle Scott, Alex Mathers, Joe Wolfond, Paul Kim

Innovation in Digital Storytelling

Forever Changed
William Wolfe-Wylie, Dwight Friesen, Richard Grasley, Sannah Choi, Kate Cornick, Farrah Merali, Andre Mayer, Paul Borkwood, David Donnelly, Albert Leung, Martin Trainor
CBC News

Because News Alexa Game
Elizabeth Bowie, Gavin Crawford, Ian Cauthery
CBC Radio’s Because News

Toronto Votes
Victoria Valido, Chris Glover, Laura Green, David Allmark, T.J. Heideman, Bob Weiers, Julia Whalen, Lauren Pelley, Lisa Xing, Farrah Merali, Talia Ricci, Nick Boisvert, John Rieti, Matt Elliott
CBC Toronto

Follow the Money
Zane Schwartz, National Post & Calgary Herald teams
National Post and Calgary Herald

Olympics interactive graphics
Timothy Moore, Christopher Manza, Trish McAlaster
The Globe and Mail

CREDIT CHANGES: If you would like to make any credit changes, please send details to before May 9, 2019.


Join us on May 29th when we present the Gold, Silver, and Honourable Mention awards at the 4th annual Digital Publishing Awards Soiree. The Soiree will be held at One King West, and Eternity Martis will host. Martis’ work has helped shape the language used in newsrooms across Canada, is discussed in mainstream media, changed policies on racism and is taught on academic syllabuses at Western University, Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.

Tickets on sale at


The National Media Awards Foundation is incredibly grateful for the support of: Government of Canada, the Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Creates, Reader’s Digest Foundation, and KCK Global. We are also thankful for the support of Cision, Magazines Canada, PUSH Media, Very Good Studios and Vividata.

Our sincerest thanks to this year’s judges, who graciously volunteered their time and expertise, evaluating the hundreds of entries submitted to this year’s competition.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESFor sponsorship inquiries, please contact Barbara Gould, Executive Director, at

Kathy Vey to Receive the 2019 Digital Publishing Leadership Award

The NMAF is delighted to announce that TVO Executive Producer of Digital Kathy Vey is the 2019 recipient of the Digital Publishing Leadership Award, which honours an individual whose career contributions to Canadian digital publishing deserve recognition and celebration. Vey will receive her award—the highest individual distinction from the Digital Publishing Award program—at the DPA Soirée on May 29th.

Kathy Vey’s 37-year career in Canadian journalism spans pivotal roles at media outlets including the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Sun, Queen’s Park Briefing, OpenFile, and Vey grew up in Toronto’s east end and began working at the Toronto Sun while still a teenager. In 1988, she jumped to the Star, where she soon became an assistant national editor.

After taking a 1993 buyout from the Star, Vey worked as a freelance writer for Canadian Gardening magazine and spent a couple of years editing at the Ottawa Citizen before returning to Toronto and the Star in 1998. She then served as a deputy city editor, a news editor, and the team editor of training and development. In the latter role, she headed up the Star’s first multimedia training program, an intensive weeklong effort that introduced many editorial staff members to the rapidly emerging potential of digital journalism.

“Having Kathy on your team meant there was someone there who could take on the toughest and most complex assignments.”

John Ferri, TVO Vice-president of Current Affairs & Documentaries and Vey’s longtime colleague

In 2010, she left the Toronto Star again to join the team launching OpenFile, an innovative online news startup that prioritized local reporting and audience engagement. As the founding editor-in-chief, Vey guided OpenFile’s development and in less than two years established a core team of editors and freelance writers while building readership in major cities across Canada. She hired a cohort of young reporters, whom she sought to mentor and empower. “Journalists in nearly every city we operated in, from Ottawa to Calgary to Halifax, have similar stories to tell about her support and advice in building a career in journalism,” says TVO Digital Editor Chantal Braganza, who adds she gained invaluable experience working for Vey at OpenFile.

“She offered a guiding hand in shaping stories and facilitating skills development, but left city editors to manage their own teams, experiment endlessly with tools and engage constantly with audiences. That required a skillset uncommon to many newsroom leaders, particularly those in Canada’s nascent digital startup space,” says Maclean’s Digital Editor Nick Taylor-Vaisey, whose journalism career began with Vey at OpenFile.

“Everyone who runs a newsroom should lead by Kathy’s proven example. To use a sports analogy: she drafts prospects and turns them into all-stars, and no matter which team she leads, they’re contenders while she’s at the helm.”

Nick Taylor-Vaisey, Maclean’s Digital Editor

“She led a small newsroom and encouraged it to take risks and think of new ways of engaging with an audience. She was a tremendous editor and mentor for the young journalists we were lucky to hire,” confirms BuzzFeed News Media Editor Craig Silverman, who worked closely with Vey for two years at OpenFile. Silverman cites the development of “The Poppy File” as a key example of her leadership style. The award-winning project resulted from Vey’s encouragement of OpenFile contributing editor Patrick Cain, who had been collecting the names of Torontonians who died in World War II. Vey devised an interactive map to show where each of the more than 3,000 people had lived in the city, working closely with the product team to realize an innovative data visualization. The resulting interface was not only attractive and functional, but offered a platform for OpenFile reporters to share some of the stories revealed through the project. (Though no longer active on OpenFile, a version of the project is viewable here.)

“The Poppy File” was praised by Toronto mayor David Miller, won a Canadian Online Publishing Award, and earned National Magazine Award and Online Journalism Award nominations. The Guardian’s former data editor Simon Rogers called the project “the pinnacle of what data journalism is supposed to be about.” The project “came together because Kathy immediately saw the potential and brought everyone together,” says Silverman. was a significant and extraordinary achievement… Kathy helped put into practice many of the theories and ideas that are seen as crucial to the evolution of journalism in the age of digital disruption: community engagement and emphasis on social media, the notion of journalists as curators of information and not just news-gatherers, and data-based interactivity,” says John Ferri, TVO Vice-president of Current Affairs & Documentaries and Vey’s longtime colleague. “It’s no exaggeration to say that she has played an instrumental role in building a bridge to the future of journalism in Canada.”

After OpenFile, Vey joined Torstar’s Queen’s Park Briefing as executive editor. According to Ferri, the fledgling online publication—aimed at a politically inclined professional audience—was “in desperate need of a steady hand” when she took the reins. She transformed it within six months. “Kathy believed that there was a role for smart, policy-focused journalism that was willing to look outside of the daily news cycle—and that people would be willing to pay for it—and she was right,” says TVO Columnist John Michael McGrath, who was among the team Vey brought on board.

In 2013, Vey became a part-time instructor at Ryerson University, a natural progression from her newsroom mentoring in earlier years. She was appointed Rogers Journalist in Residence, during which time she developed the Canadian Press Style Coach, a prototype e-learning program designed to help journalists—both emerging and established—master the CP style guide.

“Kathy has consistently demonstrated exactly the kind of values our industry needs, both to meet the challenges of a changing business environment and developing the talent that will tell the stories of the future.”

John Michael McGrath, TVO Columnist

For the past three and a half years, Vey has worked as the Executive Producer, Digital, at TVO, where she oversees all content produced for the web, including daily articles, short video, editorial newsletters, and podcasts, as well as the journalistic social media accounts. “She has been key to the evolution of TVO’s digital presence,” affirms Ferri. “In sum, Kathy Vey has been a catalyst for change. She has a superb analytical mind and is a master of newsgathering logistics. She has demonstrated a clear and cohesive vision of the future of journalism in the digital space. She has shifted easily from working in large traditional media to startups. She is a creative and innovative individual, an industry leader. She is loved and respected by her peers and staff. She has a tremendous wit and style. This kind of passion for our craft deserves to be recognized and fostered.”

For her leadership, innovation, and dedication to Canadian digital publishing, the NMAF is honoured to present Kathy Vey with the 2019 Digital Publishing Leadership Award.

Nominations for the 2019 Digital Publishing Awards will be announced tomorrow at 10am EST. The Digital Publishing Leadership Award will be presented at the 4th Annual DPA Soirée on May 29th in Toronto. Tickets will be available for purchase on May 2nd at

Winners’ Circle: an exclusive event from the National Media Awards Foundation


On Tuesday, May 29, the NMAF will present Winners’ Circle, a special event that will bring together award-winning and nominated writers, editors, artists, art directors to meet, mingle, pitch and learn about the value of diversity.

All Digital Publishing Awards winners, and past and current finalists are invited to join us at One King West Hotel in Toronto, from 12pm to 2:30pm for this exciting learning and networking activity. The event is FREE and includes a lunch for attendees.

The Value of Diversity: A Panel Discussion
The two-part event will begin with a panel discussion moderated by the national columnist for StarMetro, Vicky Mochama. A regular columnist for the Toronto Star, Vicky writes about issues at the intersections of race, politics, gender and migration.


Vicky will be joined by panel members Andree LauEternity MartisHadiya Roderique and Kyle Edwards for a discussion around the theme of diversity in the media.

Fast Pitch
After the panel presentation, it’s time to mingle and network with your peers. We’ll be facilitating introductions between writers, artists, editors and art directors. If you’re planning to attend and would like to have a chance to sit down with an award-winning writer/artist or an award-winning magazine editor or art director, let us know:

We’re looking forward to welcoming you on May 29 from 12 to 2:30pm at One King West Hotel in downtown Toronto.

All nominees and winners from the Digital Publishing Awards and the National Magazine Awards are invited to attend. Contact us to RSVP or request more information. Please RSVP by May 23. Space is limited and available on a first come basis.


Announcing the 2018 Digital Publishing Awards Nominees

DPA Twitter Card (2) copy 2

The Digital Publishing Awards (DPAs) are pleased to announce the 2018  nominees for their 3rd annual awards program, recognizing excellence in the content and creation of Canadian digital publications. 

Nominations Website
Nominations List (PDF)
Gala Info & Tickets
Version française

This year, 79 Canadian digital publications entered the DPAs, submitting entries for consideration in 23 awards categories. The top overall prize—General Excellence in Digital Publishing—will presented in three divisions, for small, medium and large publications.

“We are extremely proud to present the third annual Digital Publishing Awards. The work of the creators and publishers nominated this year speaks to the astounding quality of digital journalism produced here in Canada. To celebrate these innovative, hard working individuals on a national stage and beyond is a true privilege,” said NMAF President Nino Di Cara.

Our dedicated roster of 78 judges volunteered their time, expertise, and passion for digital publishing in serving on this year’s jury. They have nominated 106 entries from 37 different digital publications for this year’s awards. 


Numerous publications received a first nomination this year, including Flare, Fjord Review, HuffPost Québec, ICI Radio-Canada Première, Le Devoir, Motherboard, Passport 2017, Spacing, The Deep, The Kit, The Sprawl, VICE Québec and Winnipeg Free Press.


The three standout nominees for the coveted Emerging Excellence Award, which honours an individual whose early work in Canadian digital publishing shows the highest degree of craft and promise, are: Elizabeth Melito of CBC News, Graeme Bruce of the Winnipeg Free Press, and Ishani Nath of the Entertainment pillar (FLARE and Hello! Canada).



Brodie Fenlon CBC.jpgThe NMAF is pleased to present the 2018 Digital Publishing Leadership Award to Brodie Fenlon, Senior Director of Daily News and Bureaus for the CBC. A respected mentor and leader, Brodie’s pursuit for digital innovation is matched with a desire to build camaraderie in the newsroom. Described by his peers as a “transformative leader” and an “incredibly positive and galvanizing force”, Brodie is lauded for his remarkable achievements and generous personality. Click here to read Brodie’s full biography.



The top nominees this year are: The Globe and Mail, CBC, Hakai Magazine, Today’s Parent, Chatelaine, Hazlitt,, VICE Québec, and Winnipeg Free Press.

Earning two nominations each are Air Canada enRoute, Canadian Art, Global News (, L’actualité, Le Devoir, National Observer, Passport 2017, Sportsnet, The Deep, Toronto Life, and URBANIA.


For the third year in a row, Air Canada enRoute’s “Best New Restaurants” guide is nominated for Best Digital Editorial Package. The magazine’s popular guide is also finalist for Best Online Video: Short.

“Unfounded” by reporters Robyn Doolittle, Laura Blenkinsop, Jeremy Agius, and Michael Pereira, published in The Globe and Mail is nominated twice, in Best Digital Editorial Package and Best News Coverage.

CBC News’ “Dancing Towards the Light” is nominated in two categories: Best Arts & Culture Story and Best Online Video: Mini-Doc.

Nominees – General Excellence in Digital Publishing: Small Publication


This slideshow requires JavaScript., Fjord Review, National Observer, The Deep

Nominees – General Excellence in Digital Publishing: Medium Publication


This slideshow requires JavaScript., Hakai Magazine, Passport, Today’s Parent


Nominees – General Excellence in Digital Publishing: Large Publication


This slideshow requires JavaScript., The Globe and Mail, Le Devoir, Winnipeg Free Press

Nominees – Best Digital Editorial Package

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Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2017, Air Canada enRoute
Born on Opioids, Today’s Parent
Fiction: The Story of Canada. The Globe and Mail
Monnaie d’échange 1 à 4, Le Devoir
This Is 40ish. Chatelaine
Unfounded, The Globe and Mail

Nominees – Best Blog or Online-Only Column

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Ici et ailleurs: Chronique d’Alain Noël, Options politiques
John Lorinc’s weekly column, Spacing
John Michael McGrath,
Lauren McKeon,
Rachel Giese, Chatelaine
31 Thoughts, Sportsnet

Nominees – Best News Coverage: Small Newsroom

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Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline in Canada, National Observer
Racism and Reconciliation in Ontario’s Northwest,
The Sprawl: 2017 Election Edition, The Sprawl

Nominees – Best News Coverage

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Assisted Dying, Winnipeg Free Press
Fire Watch: B.C. Wildfire Coverage, Global News (
The Border Crossers, Winnipeg Free Press
Unfounded, The Globe and Mail

Nominees – Best Feature Article: Short

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Aleppo Mayor, The Globe and Mail
Je ne sais pas quand je vais vivre,
This Is How Your Hyperpartisan Political News Gets made, BuzzFeed Canada

Nominees – Best Feature Article: Long

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A Prison Pregnancy, The Deep
Anatomy of a Surrogacy, Hazlitt
Death of a Modern Wolf, Hakai
Eight Seconds: The Life and Death of a Cowboy, The Globe and Mail
Please Take Us Back to Iraq’: A Yazidi Family’s Traumatic First Days in Canada, Chatelaine
Sea Change, The Globe and Mail
The Making of Joseph Boyden, The Globe and Mail
The Renfrew County Murders Are Not an Anomaly, Chatelaine

Nominees – Fiction

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Half-Pipe, Hazlitt
Oursonette, The Globe and Mail
The Clap, The Globe and Mail
Young Tomorrow, The Globe and Mail

Nominees – Best Personal Essay

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A Place of Absorption, Hazlitt
Black on Bay Street, The Globe and Mail
Kids of Addiction, Discourse Media
Mummy, am I white?’ What I’ve Learned From Raising Biracial Children, Chatelaine What To Do About Kevin: Demons, Little Fires, and the Man Who Lived in my Ravine,

Nominees – Best Arts & Culture Story

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A Road Trip with Christopher Pratt, Canadian Art
Dancing Towards the Light, CBC News
Kent Monkman: The Modern Touch of an Old Master, The Globe and Mail
My Mother Gave Me My IMFA, Canadian Art
The Making of Joseph Boyden, The Globe and Mail
TIFF’s Next Act, The Globe and Mail
Truth in Jest?, Hazlitt

Nominees – Best Science and Technology Story

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From Vilified to Vindicated: the Story of Jacques Cinq-Mars, Hakai Magazine
How Coders Hacked Back to ‘Rescue’ $208 Million in Ethereum, Motherboard
The Hunger Games: Two Killer Whales, Same Sea, Different Diets, Hakai Magazine
Understanding the Quantum Computing Revolution, The Globe and Mail
Watts in the Water, Hakai Magazine

Nominees – Best Service Feature: Lifestyle

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Ça veut dire quoi être genderqueer?, VICE Québec
Le Montréal oublié, HuffPost Québec
Where to Eat Now, Toronto Life

Nominees – Best Service Feature: Family & Health

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Fortunate Son, The Globe and Mail
How Do I Talk to My Five-Year-Old About White Supremacy?, The Walrus
SIDS Deaths Are Now Considered “Undetermined”: What Parents Need to Know, Today’s Parent

Nominees – Best Online Video: Short

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Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2017 – Battuto, Air Canada enRoute
Drag Queen Story Time, Today’s Parent
How close are we to the end of the world? Check the Doomsday Clock, The Globe and Mail
How clothing helped andro babe Megan come out, Daily Xtra
In the studio with Kent Monkman, Canadian Art
Meat Cottage, Chatelaine
The Kit Voices: Generation Z, The Kit

Nominees – Best Online Video: Feature

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A Wall Worth Building: Making Clam Habitat Great Again, Hakai Magazine
Au championnat d’arts martiaux mixtes avec une combattante sans merci, VICE Québec
Avec le shaman qui traite ses patients à la MDMA, VICE Québec
Cette drag-queen de 8 ans fait fureur à Montréal, VICE Québec
Daniel Mazzone: The Blue Jays Artist, Sportsnet
Here Be Tiny Dragons (and Other Micro Beasts), Hakai Magazine
The Ultimate Gift: How Two Dads Finally Got Their Son, Today’s Parent

Nominees – Best Online Video: Mini-Doc

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Age of Consent, VICE
Born on Opioids, Today’s Parent
Dancing Towards the Light, CBC News

Nominees – Best Podcast & Audio Storytelling

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Disparue(s), ICI Radio-Canada Première
Love Me – The Other Side, CBC Original Podcasts
Someone Knows Something – Dee & Moore, CBC Original Podcasts
The Secret Life of Canada, Passport 2017

Nominees – Best Digital Design

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Census 2016, CBC News
The Globe and Mail, The Globe and Mail
Un Canada sans immigrant, L’actualité

Nominees – Best Photo Storytelling

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Asylum seekers, The Globe and Mail
Canada Through The Lens of Syrian Refugees, The Globe and Mail
Des colis pour le Venezuela, L’actualité
From Janet With Love, National Film Board of Canada
Single Mothers of Afghanistan, The Globe and Mail

Nominees – Best Social Storytelling

Canada’s #ToxicSecret, Global News (
Coming to Canada: The Immigration and Refugee System, CBC News
#WhyICameOut for Pride Toronto,

Nominees – Best Digital Initiative

A City Destroyed: Experience the Halifax Explosion, CBC News
SJM Variants, Toronto Life
Weigh Anchor, The Globe and Mail

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