Feature writers tend to spend more time with a story and it’s subjects, and can generally devote more words to the page, as compared to a time-sensitive news article. With the infinite scrolling power of online platforms, feature writers can feel like there are no limitations when it comes to word length. Although there are no physical restraints, feature writers are still faced with the challenge of crafting an interesting and engaging article, and making sure every sentence count.

This year’s jury has nominated 4 standout articles for Best Feature Article: Short. The award honours the best short feature story (maximum 2000 words) in terms of the overall quality of writing, including but not limited to reporting, criticism, reviews and other non-fiction genres.

With this year’s nominees, we’re transported to a farm in northern Alberta and then given an “Ethnoburbs” tour. We also learn about online scam artists and a 71-year-old man being forced from his home.

Here are the 2017 nominees for Best Feature Article: Short:

Crichton Farm
The Globe and Mail

455_4.pngJana Pruden, Reporter
Shannon Busta, Editor

This Crichton Farm piece is also nominated for Best Social Storytelling.

‘Ethnoburbs’: The New Face of Immigrant Cities
The Tyee

Christopher Cheung, Writer
Chris Wood, Editor

Meet Al Hill, the sole resident of the world’s largest abandoned
CBC News

Matt Kwong, Writer
Brodie Fenlon & Robert Sheppard, Editors

Online Scam Artists Are Using Hoaxes About Terrorist Attacks To
Make Money
BuzzFeed Canada

Craig Silverman, Writer
Lisa Tozzi, Editor

The winners of the Best Feature Article: Short award will be announced at the Digital Publishing Awards Soirée on Thursday June 1, 2017 in Toronto. Tickets are now on sale. Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees!

Full list of 2017 nominees
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