Last chance to enter the 2019 DPAs

As the month comes to a close, so does the Digital Publishing Awards’ call for entries: Friday, February 1st is your last chance to submit your work to the awards. Entries will be judged by three-member juries, made up of Canada’s top digital publishing talent. You can read more about the judging process here.

For categories, there are 23 to choose from: with this expansive lineup, Canadian writers, editors, art directors, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, illustrators, and videographers, are sure to find a good fit for their work. Best of all, Gold winners in individual categories will take home a $500 cash prize!

The entire submission process takes about ten minutes. Start by clicking here to access our online portal. There, you’ll enter the details of your submission(s) and pay the entry fees. Easy!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for updates—that’s where we’ll be announcing the nominees. Also note that the deadline to nominate someone for the Emerging Excellence Award or the Digital Publishing Leadership Award is Friday, March 1, 2019.

Brodie Fenlon to Receive the 2018 Digital Publishing Leadership Award

Brodie Fenlon - Twitter Card

The National Media Awards Foundation (NMAF) is proud to announce that the CBC’s Senior Director of Daily News and Bureaus Brodie Fenlon is this year’s recipient of the Digital Publishing Leadership Award, which honours an individual whose career contributions to Canadian digital publishing deserve recognition and celebration. Brodie will be presented with his award – the highest individual distinction from the Digital Publishing Award program –  at the DPA Soirée on May 29th.

Brodie Fenlon CBC.jpg

Brodie’s career in journalism began after graduating from Western University’s journalism program, when he started working as a newspaper reporter for the London Free Press and the Toronto Sun. In 2007, Brodie switched from print to digital journalism, taking a position as digital editor at The Globe and Mail. Angus Frame, the Senior Vice President of Digital Products and New Product Development at Torstar Corp., says he takes “special pride in being the person who brought Brodie into the world of digital news (…).” Angus goes on to say that Brodie was “one of the best hires I have ever made.”

Brodie spent four years at The Globe and Mail before switching gears and becoming the Managing Editor of News at The Huffington Post Canada; there, he played a strategic role in launching the first international edition of the U.S. website. Angus Frame calls Brodie a “transformative leader at The Huffington Post and now at CBC,” as Brodie has since joined Canada’s national public broadcaster’s team, overhauling their digital news strategy. He “has been a force of nature since the day he stepped through the door,” notes Mari Ito, Executive Producer of Daily News at CBC News. Today, Brodie is the Senior Director of Daily News and Bureaus for the CBC.

At the CBC, Brodie has overseen the launch of new iOS and Android apps, the mobile site, and a number of interactive tools and templates. Under Brodie’s leadership, won last year’s Digital Publishing Award for General Excellence.

“He is a marvel,” says Greg Reame, Managing Editor of Daily News at CBC News. “With no apparent understanding of quantum physics, Brodie manages to warp the space-time continuum. It’s the only way to explain how he crams a week’s worth of industry and initiative into each 24-hour day.”

Brodie’s determination to drive digital innovation is lauded by his peers, with Angus Frame describing Brodie as an “incredibly positive and galvanizing force that can transform a staid or negative culture into a creative and optimistic one.” Mari Ito cites Brodie’s “boundless energy, positivity, and knowledge that helped transform CBC News into a place that not only embraces digital, but does so enthusiastically,” while Sasha Nagy (Managing Editor, Video at HuffPost Canada) highlights Brodie’s “enormous hunger to learn, to absorb all he could in order to untap the potential that digital media presented.”

Brodie’s pursuit for digital innovation is matched with a desire to build camaraderie in the newsroom. “He has been able to lead his newsrooms through challenging times and difficult stories, never losing their full support,” says Sasha Nagy, of Brodie’s time at The Huffington Post Canada. Clearly, this is a factor of Brodie’s leadership that he carries with him from newsroom to newsroom, as Mario Ito notes that, “despite his harrowingly packed schedule he makes time to be out on the [CBC] newsroom floor, checking in and connecting with his staff. Whenever anyone asks for one-on-one time with him, he makes it happen. When people are stressed, confused or worried, they know they can go to Brodie because he listens.”

CBC’s digital coverage of major news everts serves as a reflection of Brodie’s ability to lead a well-connected team of digital innovators, as Greg Reaume notes their “impressive digital coverage of major news events including the national inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, the #MeToo movement, the Parliament Hill shooting, Donald Trump’s presidency, and the plight of refugees and migrants.”

Though his career path, brimming with professional achievements, is in itself impressive, Brodie’s peers were all careful to note his kind, generous personality. He is “genetically incapable of meanness” says Greg Reaume, while Sasha Nagy recognizes his knack for balancing work and family, remaining the “most decent journalist [he has] ever had the pleasure of working with.”

“Brodie is the kind of leader who inspires the people working for him and around him to be better,” says Mari Ito.

For his commitment to digital innovation through commendable leadership skills, the NMAF is honoured to present Brodie Fenlon with the 2018 Digital Publishing Leadership Award.

Nominations for the 2018 Digital Publishing Awards will be announced tomorrow at 10am EST. The Digital Publishing Leadership Award will be presented at the 2018 DPA Soirée on May 29th in Toronto. Tickets will be available for purchase on April 26th at


Kenny Yum’s speech, Digital Publishing Leadership Award


At last Thursday’s Digital Publishing Awards Soirée, the inaugural Digital Publishing Leadership Award was presented to Kenny Yum, managing editor at HuffPost Canada.

2017-06-01-DPA-Gala-0092The award is the highest individual honour of the Digital Publishing Awards, and was the first award presented on Thursday night. Presented by HuffPost Canada colleague Andree Lau, Kenny Yum was called on-stage to accept his award, amidst enthusiastic cheers from the audience. His acceptance speech captivated the room, which was filled with many of Canada’s best digital creators.

His words resonated with the digital publishing community, and we are happy to share those remarks with you here.

Kenny Yum’s Digital Publishing Leadership Award Acceptance Speech:

“Thank you to the Digital Publishing Awards. I’m thrilled we have a way we can recognize our industry’s great work. Thank you to my colleagues, past and current, who nominated me for this honour.

My greatest success is that I get to stand behind the amazing work people like you do every day.

No matter what position you hold in digital, you know by now that it’s always moving. And that makes it all the more exciting. My advice:

Be passionate about the stories you want to tell, and be open to how you can tell them. There are so many gaps that need covering, you can fill that void.  

Be open to learning something you don’t know. My challenge at the tender age of 42 is to treat every day as if I’m stepping into a new newsroom with new possibilities.

Be a leader, wherever you are. We used to look at our colleagues in the U.S. or Europe for innovations, but I know now that there is excellent work and done right here. The longer I’ve worked with editors across the globe, I realize we bring a lot to the table. Lead so they notice. Lead with confidence. And don’t say sorry.

Be mindful of the noise, and don’t succumb to it. There are those who like to talk about the future of journalism, and there is a temptation to be paralyzed by it. There are also those who are doing journalism. You are the doers. Carry on.

Be surrounded by good people. We are lucky in digital. I feel like sometimes we’re the nerds who the rest of the world just realized now we’re kinda cool. Hire these people, let their ideas shine, let their voices dictate your sked and if you’re not working at a place that doesn’t do all of the above, go find somewhere where that’s happening or make it happen where you are.

Finally, use digital as an opportunity to listen and reflect. For far too long journalists have proposed that they have all the ideas, but now there is no excuse. Listen to the reader, the viewer, the audience. Listen enough that you truly hear. Then go out there and tell more stories.”

Read more about Kenny Yum receiving the Digital Publishing Leadership Award.

For more information on how to nominate an individual for the Digital Publishing Leadership Award, please contact

Best Service Feature: Family, Health & Careers, Top 4 Finalists


The award for Best Service Feature: Family, Health & Careers honours the best digital service feature story that focuses on family, health, education, personal finance and/or careers, with an emphasis on excellence in storytelling and packaging of content.

This year’s judges have nominated four exceptional pieces for this award, with the winners being presented at the Digital Publishing Awards Soirée, happening on June 1.

With stories about mistreatment during childbirth, how dangerous recreational drug use has become, the emotional decision some families are forced to make and an analysis of infertility treatments across Canada, we invite you to review this year’s nominees in Best Service Feature: Family, Health & Careers:

Childbirth stories

Annie Burns-Pieper, Writer
Heather Evans, Editor
Contributors: Diana Swain and Dave Pizer

It’s Never Been Less Safe To Try Out Drugs

Allison Tierney, Writer
Josh Visser, Editor

Paying to treat infertility: Coverage varies widely across Canada
Global News (

Monique Scotti, Writer
Sarah Kelsey, Editor

Saving Sid
CBC News

Janet Thomson & Andre Mayer, Writers
Brodie Fenlon, Editor
Contributors: Dwight Friesen, animations & development; Richard
Grasley, design and Michael Leschart, design & development

The winners of the Best Service Feature: Family, Health & Careers award will be announced at the Digital Publishing Awards Soirée on Thursday June 1, 2017 in Toronto. Join us!

Tickets are now on sale ]

Full list of 2017 nominees
Digital Publishing Awards Event Details